Read what visitor's have said about Fairy Tale Forest:

I recommend coming to the park and enjoy strolling through the place. I found it a place of happiness and joy.

Monica S.

Many childhood and then adult memories of this place... it's very special!

Nelson S.

Fairy Tale Forest is a charming, low-key entertaining amusement park that helps children develop their imagination while forming bonds and making priceless memories with the adults that brought them to The Forest. The memories last a lifetime!

Mary P.

Honestly I have to say Fairy Tale Forest is a magical place to inspire your children to dream.

Rod C Sparta, NJ

Magic! This place is pure magic! Love this place as a child.

Carla T.

Many wonderful childhood memories in Fairytale Forest! Looking forward to going with my boys.

Laura C.

I have many great memories from Fairy Tale Forest from a young child roaming along the paths to see all the best children's stories come to life, to experiencing childhood fantasies through my children's eyes. Even visiting the spooky tale forest with my cousin was a treat. So happy to hear of the reopening. I plan on sharing this very special place with my grandsons.

Karen K.

Wow! Childhood memories ! Who doesn’t have them from this place ??

Ace L.